Friday, 1 November 2013

NaBloPoMo #1

Thanks to Vonnie at I am taking part in NaBloPoMo which is National Blog Post Month to you and me! This means every day in Novemeber I will be posting on my blog!  To start off NaBloPoMo I have a few facts about myself for you:

1) I am surprisingly small at 5" 1 1/2" Yes that's right - five foot, one and a half inches!
2) I love tattoos and have five of my own and another in the planning stages.
3) I'm not very keen on water even though I am the water sign Pisces.
4) I love leopard print in fact its a bit of an addiction for me.
5) I love American TV - my absolute favourite is The Middle!
6) I'm rather partial to pizza and chocolate - Actually I'll even go as far to say its LOVE.
7) I have had laser eye surgery and cannot believe the results it is literally a miracle!

Click here to read some more great Blogs taking part in NaBloPoMo! Thanks for reading, Love Sophie...xx


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Ellen pleased to meet you too! :) I have just checked out your blog and will be adding it to my bloglovin list so I don't mss a post! x

  2. Lovely to meet you Sophie! I'm also obsessed with tattoos, I have 4 so far and working on my sleeve design :) We should compare some time! x

    1. Hi Vonnie, thanks for hosting this for us! Yes absolutely I'll dig out some photos for you! :) xxx

  3. Hi Sophie - really enjoyed reading your blog, your Halloween pumpkins and party food ideas were fab x

    1. Thank you Nicola! They were really easy to make too! Although in future I think I'll line the orange 'pumpkins' with some baking paper to stop the sweets inside getting wet from the skins! :-) X

  4. Hi Sophie. Popping along through #NaBloPoMo. Nice to meet you.

    Laura x x x

  5. Hi Laura just been over to your blog to say hi..x