Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ok Baby Born You Win!

So this year my three year old has been begging for the new Baby Born range every time the advert is shown on TV.  I think the makers of Baby Born have clearly hit the nail on the head with this latest range consisting of Interactive Potty, Bath and Doll each costing a small fortune.  I mean what three year old can resist? A ‘working’ potty and bath...it’s a miracle.  

Well here I sit making sarcastic remarks about these new toys but I have succumbed and bought these items for Christmas…oh dear! Well at least I will have an incredibly happy daughter on Christmas morning and who can resist that? Not me that’s for sure!

Love Sophie..x

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  1. Haha suckerrrrr! ;)

    We have managed to resist dolls like that so far, it's all My Little Pony with my girls. I could actually open up a My Little Pony museum! x

  2. Lol! Yes my eldest has just started getting into MLP but my youngest has always been obsessed with dolls!