Monday, 25 November 2013

Goodbye Cone Heads!

Hurray! We can finally say goodbye to the Cone Heads who have invaded our house for the last ten days! 

No I'm not talking about aliens from outer space but actually of our kittens who recently had an operation and came back looking like Queen Elizabeth 1 and feeling very sorry for themselves! 

As part of the conditions of adopting a cat from the Cats Protection we were required to get the kittens neutered which is of course best all round.  We don't want an influx of kittens and neither to the Cats Protection. With almost 9 million cats in the UK the only effective way to reduce the numbers of unwanted cats is to have them neutered at an early age.

The operation is quite painless and the Vet makes a really small incision to the left side, pain relief is administered and the surgery is quick.  I must admit that BeeBea and Betsy were not themselves for a few days after the surgery and keeping the plastic collars on them for 10 days was hard but now they are absolutely fine and almost ready to be trusted outside in the big wide world.  

So now we have made our contribution to keeping the cat population under control we can rest easy.  I urge all cat owners to consider having their cats neutered as they will be less likely to wander, stray, call (if female), spray (if male). The chance of contracting some infectious cat diseases will be reduced, as will the likelihood of developing mammary tumours (breast cancers), pyometra (life threatening womb infections), testicular cancer, and many other illnesses. Male cats in particular will improve in physical body condition and their urine will smell less pungent!

Thank you for reading my NaBloPoMo post #25! 


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  1. Gorgeous kitty! We have five rescue cats and they're all neutered, they're so much happier and healthier now :)