Friday, 8 November 2013

Job Description Of A Mum

Its NaBloPoMo #8 time and I am really trying my best to remain positive today but it has been trying I must admit.  I have been really busy this morning, I literally haven't stopped.  I've done the housework, worked out, been to the doctors done the school run and popped into the shops, I have also just picked up Sasha from nursery and have finally got home.  So imagine this...I finally manage to get myself some food when I hear the dreaded words; "Mummy I've spilt my drink"! An entire cup of orange juice is now sinking through my favourite rug and I have to stop any idea of lunch while I clean up.  Whilst cleaning up I am actually carrying around my lunch back and forward from the lounge to the kitchen in order to stop the kittens descending on it like vultures (ridiculous sight I know)! Once I have finished cleaning the spillage I reach for my plate and go to sit down but stop and sniff the air only to find the kittens have used their litter tray - Nice!.  Lunch? Hold that thought! 

My tale of woe goes on but I will spare you the boredom - I know you've all been there too! However after sitting in yet another traffic jam later this afternoon I work out that I have been driving back and forth for 2 hours! I feel like a taxi driver, only I don't get paid!  

This leads me to ponder how much would you charge to be a mum if you could? How much would we be worth if we could get paid for all our services? A mum's responsibility is huge and the amount of tasks we accomplish day to day are insane! 

Here's my job description - not my actual paid job, but the other job (the one I do for love):

Cook - Shop and plan ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner oh and snacks in between making sure healthiness and goodness are monitored (if time permits)!
Cleaner - Bathrooms, beds, hoovering, dusting, dish washing, ironing, general tidying and picking up the same toys over and over again!
Hairdresser - PE, swimming and ballet hair styles all covered, other styles available upon request!
Personal Stylist - Buy clothes, pick and lay out ready for the next day on a nightly basis, helping children get dressed in the morning in order to stop pants being put on back to front and trousers/skirts worn on heads etc.
Personal shopper - Clothes, food anything that is asked for and required - I'm on hand to provide it!
Taxi Driver - Coordinating school runs, after school clubs and play-dates   Sit in car for crazy amounts of time whilst safely battling way through traffic to get everyone where they need to be on time or at least within 5 mins after due time. 
Nurse - Patience and sympathy given with well stocked first aid kit and soothing words of 'it will be all right'.
Maid - Run baths, make beds find lost items - also see 'cleaner' above.
Receptionist/PA - Make appointments and arrange all extra-curricular activities at convenient times to all involved.
Mind Reader - Know exactly how each person is feeling at any particular time of day and respond as needed.
Teacher - Answer any given question with proper knowledge (ahem) and help with homework.
Counsellor - Be a shoulder to cry on with helpful words of wisdom whenever needed even when you haven't sat down for five hours and all you need is 5 mins of 'me time'.
Friend - Play with the children including board games and make believe role play, sing songs, dress up and lose all inhibitions for as long as you can bare!
Body Guard - Be ready at all times and watch children like a hawk saying words like, pick your feet up, don't trip, stop at the road, be careful, watch that, slow down, don't run...the list goes on!

I'm sure there are many, many more services required of us!  Please fell free to comment below - I'd love to hear what you have to say! :) x

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  1. I totally agree!!! I think I would just settle for someone who would quite happily wash, dry and put all the clothes away for me :)... It's the thing I hate the most, or I'd even settle for someone who would just pair all the socks up :) lol x