Tuesday, 12 November 2013

MumsNet Book Review -The Book Of Bedtime Stories

Do you and your children enjoy reading bedtime stories together? If the answer is "yes" then you should give The Book Of Bedtime Stories by Walker Books a VIP space on your book shelf and be prepared for some quality family reading time! 

Thanks to Mumsnet my family and I were given the chance to read and review The Book Of Bedtime Stories and we really enjoyed getting the chance to do so*.  Each story has been individually chosen by Michael Rosen from over 400 entries submitted to the Mumsnet and Gransnet children's story competition. 

With ten beautifully written stories taking between five and ten minutes to read (please see the list of stories below), when I asked my girls to choose their favourite story they had trouble doing so but when pushed my six year old chose 'A Parcel For Theo' and my three year old chose 'The Dancing Bear'. Personally my favourite's were 'Allie To The Rescue' and 'The Night Thief And The Moon' which in my opinion should be made into a short film as the narrative is unbelievably descriptive and really provokes the imagination!  If I was to say anything negative the only thing missing from this book are some more funny stories! Although each story included is beautifully written and most are very classic in their nature we do like a bit of a giggle in our house as well.  Never the less this doesn't take away from the fact that we all really enjoy reading these stories together and The Book Of Bedtime Stories is currently on top of the pile!

The ten prize winning stories are listed below with a brief description of what you will find:

Time For Bed - A story about a little boy and his adventures before bed.
When Polly Jumped Over The Moon - A young cow who achieves her dream.
The Sheriff Of Rusty Nail - A sheriff who won't ride a horse but chooses a pig instead.
Bedtime At The Lighthouse - A story of two children staying with their grandparents who live below a light house.
Celeste, Who Sang To The Stars - An intriguing tale of a little girl who rescues the stars.
Allie To The Rescue - The adventures of an alpaca at her new home.
Princess Imogen's Independent Day - A princess who wants to do it all herself only to find that story time is best spent with others.
The Dancing Bear - A tale of an unusual friendship between a bear and a little girl.
A Parcel For Theo - A great little story about a boy and his lost toy jaguar.
The Night Thief And The Moon - A story of a blue creature who rises once every 100 years.

The Book Of Bedtime Stories is available from most book shops and if you need some new children's stories should definitely be on your shopping list. 

* All opinions are my own and I have not been paid to write this review.

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