Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Adult Pizza Express Party

As a surprise for my mums Birthday I planned an Adult Pizza Making Party at Pizza Express and we had a fab time doing so!  You may think this was a slightly odd idea for my mother but after attending my daughter's 6th birthday in July she raved about how much she would enjoy having the same party for herself.  Then low and behold an email hit my inbox a few weeks later telling me about the all new pizza making parties for adults!  Woohoo I thought as I promptly booked our local branch. 

After getting a group of party goers together we arrived at Pizza Express not knowing what to expect.  On arrival we were handed a glass of bubbly and the table was adorned with entr√©es.  After we got settled the store manager came over and introduced himself and then we were off.  Practising with the dough by stretching and throwing it and taking part in a dough tossing competition between ourselves.  We then made our own pizzas and gave them our own original names, only to be judged again for our pizza making skills.  The food was lovely (of course) and we all had a great time! 

The party ended with a surprise pudding holding the obligatory one candle and the lucky members of our party to have won the mini competitions were handed their very own certificates including, Best Pizza Maker, Don't Give Up Your Day Job and Best Dough Tosser!  We all agreed that we had a fab time and were pleased to be involved in a new, interesting and original birthday celebration! Thank you Pizza Express!


  1. Ohh wow! How fantastic!! Sounds such fun x

  2. That does sound like such a lot of fun :-)