Sunday, 3 November 2013

Keeping The Spark..?

Welcome to NaBloPoMo #3 - I was browsing one of my favourite blogs called The Freckled Fox the other day and came across this post called '75 Little Ways To Keep The Spark' - you can read the full post here and I have copied the list below.  

I personally can't decide whether I found this list sweet or just a bit too sickly for my English constitution. I must admit as I first perused the list I muttered something distasteful but after I had discarded it as American cheese the list remained with me. 

On one hand I think some of the ideas on the list are quite worthwhile and made me think of my own relationship with my hubby.  On the other hand are these suggestions too hard to achieve and unrealistic when we are busy being Mummies, working at our jobs and keeping the household running? But if these actions are one sided would it make any difference to your relationship any way? - should we print off this list and leave it lying around for our other halves to see? 

Let me know what you think about it!  

75 Little Ways to Keep the Spark
1. hold hands as often as possible
2. write notes and letters often
3. dance in the kitchen
4. take time to read together once in a while
5. do their chores for them
6. thank your spouse for efforts, even when they were expected
7. have them pick out your cologne/perfume at the store, and wear it
8. watch sunsets,
9. leave your phones in the car on date nights
10. know when to talk and when to just listen 
11. exercise together whenever possible
12. bring your spouse a favorite treat or drink just because
13. buy her flowers- just because
14. touch them on the shoulder, arm, waist, etc throughout the day
15. ask how their day went
16. take time to talk before lights out, even if just a few minutes
17. turn their alarm off and let them sleep in once in a while
18. have breakfast in bed once in a while
19. be excited about their accomplishments
20. kiss each other every day
21. do something spontaneous at least once a week
22. take or have pictures taken of just the two of you
23. send sweet text messages during the day, even when you're home together
24. tell her she's beautiful, especially when she's feeling ugly
25. take dumb/silly pictures
26. surprise each other
27. be affectionate
28. bring up favorite old memories and reminisce together
29. meet them at the door when they come home
30. take their car out for an errand, take it through the wash and gas it up
31. educate yourself more on something their passionate about
32. cook together whenever possible
33. eat at least two meals together everyday if you can manage it
34. call them at work to just say you miss and appreciate them
35. make plans and schemes together
36. defend your spouse when friends start to bash theirs
37. never be cutting or hurtful
38. do yourselves the biggest favor and stay away from any sort of debt
39. spend some time apart once in a while, it will make you better appreciate them
40. interrupt a sentence to say how handsome or strong he looks
41. always be the first to say i'm sorry and forgive
42. tell others of the virtues of your spouse when they're not around
43. talk about budgets and expenses, and decide together on items over say $50-$100
44. if you can, visit landmarks in your relationship (where you got engaged/first date, etc)
45. remind yourself often about why/how you fell in love in the first place
46. have a little mini date every night you can, eat a little treat together, watch part of a movie, etc
47. don't nag
48. read book on how to be a better wife/husband/lover
49. have a vacation together at least once a year
50. hold hands under the table or hold their knee
51. don't brush compliments off, accept them with blushes and gratitude, or they may stop
52. don't go to bed angry, give it a good effort and 
53. always kiss goodnight
54. have a wedding or couple picture of just the two of you hanging somewhere
55. be affectionate in front of your kids
56. men: always put down the freakin toilet seat dude
57. woman: never underestimate the power of a little extra physical attention to your man
58. makes birthdays and holidays special, always
59. surprise each other once in a while
50. pick your battles
61. try to go to bed together as often as possible
62. be the best of friends
63. roll play a bit-pretend you're on a first second date and ask inquisitive questions etc
64. go on road trips together every once in a while
65. read marriage help books, just for fun
66. wear his t-shirts and pj pants
67. pay attention before birthdays and Christmases, buy them at least one gift they've been wanting
68. have little arguments and than kiss and make up:)
69. send your spouse on a scavenger hunt once in a while
70. sit next to each other at the table and in restaurants 
71. don't ever do things you know annoy them because its funny, it'll stop being funny
72. light candles after the kids go to bed
73. give them little neck/back/foot messages just because
74. hide little gifts or favorite treats in their car/sock drawer/desk/under their pillow
75. go on regular date nights

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