Friday, 15 November 2013

Meet The Kittens!

Earlier in the year, just as the summer holidays began we adopted two new kittens from the Cats Protection. We already had two older male cats named Frankie & Sonny but as they came before the kids they were never interested in our children in fact they would run in the opposite direction!  After much begging from the children especially Brooke asking for a dog we decided that although a dog would be too much responsibility for us we could take on another cat.  So off we went to visit one of the many litters of kittens at the Cats Protection in Poole.  During our visit we had many cuddles with all the kittens and decided to adopt a little girl named Betsy subject to a house check made by one of the Cats Protection volunteers.  As we drove home after our visit the girls were talking in the back of the car and my hubby and I exchanged 'the look' after hearing the girls discuss whose bed Betsy would be sleeping went a little like this..."She's going to sleep on my she's going to sleep on my she will want to sleep on mine" etc etc.. As Betsy was part of a litter of four we decided to phone the Cats Protection as soon as we got home and ask if we could adopt Betsy's sister BeaBee as well.  Well they said yes and now we have four cats! (Just call me the crazy cat lady!

I can't recommend the Cats Protection enough, the kittens are healthy and incredibly friendly. They have fitted into our family incredibly well and are now confident and happy!  They are also incredibly cheeky and mischievous, as I write this BeaBee is walking across the lounge with an empty biscuit packet in her mouth which she has retrieved from the bin - I do feed them btw although they don't act like it!  

Now we couldn't be without them and even though they can be trouble, the benefits you receive from owning cats are huge and I must stress that they are especially good if you like cuddles! 


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  1. Awww they are so cute! We have five cats so I'm with you on the crazy cat lady thing ;)