Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I Heart LFA's

From one email from ASOS to two pairs of LFA boots! Oops!  I must admit I have had a soft spot for LFA's for years and have owned two previous pairs.  Unfortunately both these pairs have been worn to death and I have been looking out for some more at a good price.  

Bearing in mind these boots have a RRP of £150-£250 I was over the moon to find ASOS hosting a flash sale last weekend and found they were reduced to £90-£100 each.  After buying the first pair I was incredibly naughty and indulged in a second pair...well at such a great price how could I resist?  These boots are totally on a par with Ugg boots in my opinion, they are made to a great standard and feel really luxurious on. Although they come at a high price they will last you for years so treat them like an investment! Perfect for cold winter days they really make you feel cosy and warm.

Here are some photos of my legs (and my boots)!

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