Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Workout Wear By H&M

In all honesty there is nothing like wearing some new workout gear to give you a little extra inspiration in the gym!  This week I have been checking out the latest workout clothing range from H&M and have succombed to ordering some new items! Their latest offerings are fab with great colour ways and clothes suitable for running, yoga, outdoors and general athletics.  With most items costing under £15 you can't go wrong, there is also a range for men too!  

Check out my best picks below:

1. Sports Tights £14.99 & Sports Top £12.99
2. Yoga Trousers £12.99 & Sports Bra £12.99
3. Sports Bra £12.99
4. Base Layer Tights £12.99 & Base layer Top £12.99
5. Waist bag £7.99
6. Sports Trousers £19.99 & Sports Top £7.99
7. Yoga Trousers £7.99 & Sports Bra £12.99
8. Lightweight Jacket £24.99
9. Sports Top £7.99

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