Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Double Side Braids

If like me you have a little girls (or big ones) you might get a little bored of creating the same old hairstyles everyday so here is a good one for you to try.  Once you have the hang of French braiding you will find this comes as second nature!

1) Part the hair down the middle and take a small section of hair from near the face.

2) Divide the small section of hair into three pieces and cross over into the beginnings of a plait/braid.

3) When you have crossed over all three sections once take a new section of hair from the parting and add it to the braid as if you are making a french plait.  Do not add another section from the other side.

4) Continue to braid this way adding a small section of hair from the parting until you reach the back of the head.

5) Once you have braided as far as you want to go, finish off by braiding the section of hair you have left to the bottom and tie off.

6) Repeat these steps on the other side.

If you like this hairstyle please check out my other tutorials here...Love Sophie..xxx


  1. You make it look and sound so easy! It looks fab!
    I'm a failure when it comes to styling my girls hair....One has really thick hair the other really thin....So hard to plait it!

    1. It is honestly just practice Kim. I was really bad when I first started! :-) My youngest still has baby fine hair but you get used to it after a while - I can't do all the hairstyles like I do on my 6yo but I manage quite a few on her. The best advice is not to plait it when it is freshly washed as the hair is shiny and slippery - wait a day or two or use a gel spray to make the hair more manageable. xxx