Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Getting Creative With Felt

I was on Pinterest the other day and came across the idea of 'Adopt Your Own Monster' a fab alternative to party bags!  

The monsters in the photo are called Ugly Dolls but it got me thinking if you had a bit of time and creativity why not make your own?  

After doing some routing around on pinterest I also found these adorable patterns for other creratures which you can easily make yourself with some felt and a sewing needle!  Here are the photos and links to my top 5:

1) Create your own letters and make your childs name for their bedroom! (Made By Rae)

2) Here are some great Monster patterns to create your own 'Adopt A Monster' from Its Always Autumn.

3) Ooh I love these little Mushroom Houses from Red Brolly they are intended for use as pincushions but I think they would be loved by a little one just as a toy or decoration! Admittedly they look a little fiddley but the end result is definitely worth it and the instructions are pretty comprehensive!

4) These cute owls come from Pregnancy Baby & Child and are meant to be made into a baby's mobile - soo sweet!

5) Mmmm..feeling hungry - these look so tasty with really easy step by step instructions too.  These will be great for creative play time! Click Here.

Enjoy! Love Sophie..xxx

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