Monday, 6 January 2014

1st Day Of School HaHa!

This is me today (except I'm wearing a winter coat and welly boots)! Thank goodness the girls have gone back to school after the Christmas break.  This may sound mean, and although we had some good times and made some great memories I just can't help being happy that my kids have gone back to school!  

The weather has been absolutely atrocious here in Dorset over the Christmas period and has led to Cabin Fever taking hold in the Prescott residence.  We have tried to get out when we can but when it is cold and pouring down with rain it doesn't leave you with many options does it!?

Well I can honestly say I breathed a sigh of relief when I sent my oldest off to school today, normality has resumed and the routine has begun.  Is it just me or do your children behave better when they have some focus i.e. school and after-school activities?  Of course the routine comes with the daily grind of lunch boxes, taxiing around and work but all in all I like to know where I am, and although it is nice to have the occassional rest, getting back to routine feels good!



  1. Mine go back Wednesday! I'll be doing a happy dance....hehehe
    Yes my girls are better behaved when they are at school...I like routine!

  2. Hi Kim, I hope you had a nice peaceful day today! ;-) x