Friday, 31 January 2014

I Start Out Each Day As Mary Poppins...

Is this just me? I must admit when I saw this picture I had a little chuckle!

Recently my girls (especially the big one) have been driving me up the wall! Each day I wake up promising myself that I won't lose my temper, I will remain calm and patient, I will not shout at my children (possibly leading to later in life psychiatric problems - them not me)! But every day I end up the same way, angry, upset and guilty!

Why will they not get dressed after being asked 7 times, why will they not just brush their teeth properly, why does it take 40mins to eat their breakfast cereal and why does a cataclysmic argument break out every time it is time to don their shoes and coats in order to leave the house?  Quite honestly I am sick of the back chat, defiance and general moodiness coming from my 6 year old (yes 6 not 16 - 6)!  Thank you for listening to me moan and I must admit writing it down like this has been a little therapeutic! 

Is it just me or are others in the same boat?  Do let me know! 


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