Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Story Starters

My six year old is forever asking us to make up bedtime stories for her.  I don't know about you but this is something we find hard to do in our house.  Maybe it's just lack of creativity on my part or maybe it's just down to tiredness and other daily pressures but I confess reading direct from a pre-written children's book is the way we go.  

However if you are feeling creative or regularly make up stories for your kids and would like some new ideas here is a list from www.storybramble.com to give you some inspiration! There are 21 great ideas for story starters which may help take you and your child on a wonderful adventure: 

Once upon a time there was a…..

  1. A magical toy shop that knew exactly which toy was perfect for each child

  2. A Pirate who was afraid of the water

  3. A King and Queen who were trapped inside their enchanted castle

  4. A troll who lived down a well

  5. A girl who ate too much jelly

  6. A dragon who liked lollypops too much

  7. A baker who always burned his cakes

  8. A girl who would only ever read books that were coloured red

  9. A little star that wished he was bigger

  10. A snail called Cedric who wanted to win a race

  11. A bear who was scared of the dark

  12. A wizard who lived inside a tree in a magical forest

  13. A friendly lion with no friends

  14. A rusty old car that nobody wanted, except for one little girl

  15. A worm who wished he could fly

  16. A boy with very big feet

  17. A school for monsters

  18. A very friendly postman who delivered letters in a very unfriendly town

  19. An Elf who protected the forest

  20. A witch called Griselda who wanted all the power in the world

  21. A school where little boys and girls trained to be Knights


  1. Thank you for sharing this, hopefully it will be helpful to people!

  2. No problem - I think they are great suggestions and really motivational!