Monday, 21 October 2013

Girls Hairstyles - Triple Side Topsy Tail

This is a really simple hair style to achieve and is great for keeping the hair away from the face.  If you have a topsy tail this will make the hair style really quick and easy to create - See picture below: 

Topsy Tail
1) Make a side parting and create another parting parallel to it.  Clip the leftover hair underneath out of the  way from the section of hair you want to work with.

2) Using your comb create the first square section of hair nearest to the face and tie with a small hair tie.

3) Continue this process two more times heading towards the back of the head.

4) Using a small topsy tail thread it through from the top of each pony tail behind the hair tie and under.  Pull the pony tail through the topsy tail in a downwards motion.  Follow this step for all three pony tails.

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