Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween - Love It Or Hate It...?!

Personally we love Halloween in our house! - Don't get me wrong we don't go completely over the top (we're English after all) but we do enjoy partaking in a bit of pumpkin carving and my girls who are 6 and 3 love dressing up and 'trick or treating' around the close we live in.

I speak with many people who groan at the mention of Halloween as they really cannot stand it.  I always ask "Why Not"?  It's harmless fun in my mind - young children taking part in a small celebration and really enjoying themselves is great and I personally love to be involved.  However, I know in the past Halloween has gained a stigma in this country due to innocent people being bothered by over grown teenagers threatening to vandalise their properties if money is not being handed over under the proviso of Trick Or Treat!  This is unacceptable by anybody's standards and thank goodness in my experience this kind of bullying seems to have stopped.

There are always treats for any genuine Trick Or Treaters at our door and we love to see all the costumes. All I can say is please, please try and lighten your spirits when young children knock on your door with their sweet expectant faces merrily chorusing "Happy Halloween" and join in the fun. Halloween makes them so happy and it shows great community spirit if you can let your guard down and join in with the festivities!  So this year I urge you to give it a go! :-)


  1. We love Halloween and very much looking forward to taking the children trick or treating!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #MMWBH xx