Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Oh No! The Vacuum Cleaner Has Blown Up!

It's a sad day when you look forward to getting your hoover back! 

I thought this to myself the other day whilst crawling around on my hands and knees using a dustpan and brush to sweep up the kids food, cat litter and various other bits of debris which was currently taking over our dining room! 

Let me take you back a week - I had been using our hoover to vacuum our house on one of my 'cleaning' days and all of a sudden the engine slowed down making a terrible noise and smell.  I obviously stopped vacuuming at this point and reported this terrible (yeah right) occurrence to my husband.  My first thought was great what am I going to do now?  But then I thought, look on the bright side maybe I could have a new hoover (sad I know, but this is the stuff you appreciate when your 30 lol). Unfortunately being the very helpful clever husband he is, he took one look at the hoover and devised a new motor was needed which he ordered for around £30.  He ordered the new motor to save on  a couple of hundred quid which a new hoover would cost (there goes the new one) and I patiently waited for it to arrive.  

I must admit that although I do take pride in having a clean(ish) home it was quite nice not having to vacuum for a whole week - in fact it was bliss! This takes me back to the part where I was crawling around on my hands and knees wishing I had my hoover back!  Well it is all fixed now (thank you hubby) and I am back to adding the hoovering into my household chores (at least the carpets are clean now).

So is a clean house a happy house or  is a clean house a sign of a wasted life? After reading my post back to myself I find it hard to decide which camp to join - do I enjoy having a tidy house where I can see the walls and furniture I carefully chose or would I prefer to sit back amidst a tidal wave of paperwork, toys and dust bunnies and watch a bit of day time TV? What t-shirt are you wearing?

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