Monday, 7 October 2013

Girls Hairstyles - French Braid Into Pony Tail

For something a little different try this take on the staple ponytail.  This style is perfect for keeping a fringe/bangs off your face and also gives a great twist to your up do!

1) Make a side parting in hair and French braid/plait down one side incorporating any short sections of hair.

2) Once you have reached the back of the head tie off the braid to keep it from coming undone.

3) Comb the rest of the hair into a neat pony tail and using a second hair tie make the pony tail making sure you include the braided section.

4) Take a small piece of the tied ponytail around 1-1.5cm wide and wrap around the hair band to hide, pin the wrapped around hair in place using a bobby pin.

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