Friday, 20 December 2013

This Week I'm Loving...My New Coat!

Check out my new coat, like it? I Love it! It's from Mango and cost £79.99.  

I had a bit of journey reaching my decision on my new winter coat and originally went for the long version of this.  Unfortunately when I received it, it didn't fit me like it did the model in the picture.  Instead of coming to mid thigh it came to mid calf and I looked like a I was wearing a giant black bin bag! So if you are vertically challenged like moi avoid the long version.  Of course if you are blessed with supermodel heights I would definitely recommend it! 

So as you can gather it did look a bit rubbish on me but it was warm, really warm, so I decided to go for the short coat which was the same minus the fur collar.  It is filled with feathers and is soooo cosy!  It's also perfect for most occasions, the school run or going out it really is quite versatile.  Another plus for this coat is that the hood is really big and I like this because I find big hoods stay up better and look better too.  I have also found a few internal secret pockets which is always fun! Lol!

Love Sophie..x

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