Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Are You Addicted To Chocolate Too?

Is it just me or does everyone have some sort of vice? For me it is definitely chocolate! 

Before I started trying to get fit I can honestly say that I ate a 200g bar of chocolate every night...it was my way of relaxing once the girls had gone to bed.  The funny thing is that the more chocolate I ate the more I would crave.

Once I decided to lose some of my baby weight I had to cut out this naughty habit and restricted myself to only eating chocolate at the weekend.  At first this was really hard as I thought about chocolate all the time but after a few weeks the cravings subsided! I would not say I have an addictive nature to anything else but chocolate now that's another story!

Ok generally researchers believe that it is not possible to be 'addicted' to chocolate but there is no denying the feel good factor of eating any your favourite chocolate.  It melts in your mouth and and tastes really good and it does contain chemicals which trigger feelings of giddiness, attraction, euphoria and excitement! Wow this stuff is good, no wonder I like it so much! 

Did you know? Chocolate is also know as Theobroma Cacao meaning chocolate from the tree in it's purest form. Theobroma is Greek for food of the gods!

Hopefully I've got all of you Chocoholics in the mood for some food of the Gods, let me know what you think! 

Love Sophie..x

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