Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stereophonics In Concert

Me and the hubby went to see the Stereophonics in concert last week at the BIC! It was fab, I never used to be a huge fan but I have really enjoyed listening to their latest album, Graffiti On The Train.  After seeing them live I was really impressed and we both really enjoyed ourselves.  

Let me let you in on a little secret...never come to a concert with us! We tend to buy seated tickets as I am so short I find it hard to see over all the bodies when standing.  At every concert we have ever been to we are always surrounded by the most miserable looking people you have ever seen, they look like they have been dragged to these concerts, they don't sing, they don't clap and they definitely don't dance! It is honestly quite hilarious and as I am someone who is full of beans and looking for a bit of a dance, being surrounded by these miserable people is not good.  Despite this we had a really good time and the atmosphere was amazing, here are some pics of the concert for you:

Also before I go I feel I must mention how gorgeous the lead singer Kelly Jones is!  After asking my husband if Kelly is married (I couldn't help it...it just slipped out!) my hubby replied "I don't know but he's really short"! Oh well you can't have everything, let's just sit and stare at Kelly's photo for a moment...or two!

Love Sophie..x

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