Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Christmas Dilemma!

So Christmas is nearly upon us and as someone who likes to be fairly strict when it comes to my exercise regime this poses a small dilemma for me! 

It would be ok if Christmas day was on a weekend then I would feel no guilt as I like to take it easy every weekend by not worrying about the calories! But as Christmas will be on a Wednesday I will need to relax my keep fit regime next week for at least Wednesday and probably Thursday...Maybe Tuesday too?! 

To many people this is probably a no brainer it is Christmas after all! And although I completely agree I don't want to have an entire week off only to find I have put on half a stone! 

It really is a funny thing once you get into exercise and a healthy regime, it really effects your entire life, routine and outlook! Although I know I deserve a rest I also know I will be feeling guilty for having a break over Christmas and with the children off school as well, it really leaves little time for exercise!

I still haven't come to a conclusion but I know I will try and squeeze some exercise in over the week, this way I may be able to balance out all the eating I will be doing!  

Maybe I'll go with this equation:

Christmas Dilemma Sorted = Eat Loads Of Food + Exercise = No Guilt!

I hope everyone has a fab Christmas! 

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