Thursday, 12 December 2013

Parenting Epic Fail!

Oh My God! We forgot the Tooth Fairy!!!

My six year old daughter's 2nd tooth fell out on Sunday and she was very excited about receiving a visit from her Tooth Fairy Violet. Me and my hubby had the coin ready and then the worse thing happened....we went to bed and completely forgot about it!  
The next thing I knew, I was being woken up at 6.45am by my daughter telling me (in floods of tears) that the tooth fairy hadn't come! Oh Sh*t what an epic fail! 

Of course I consoled her in my half asleep state and came up with all the reasons why she hadn't come, including maybe she got lost, maybe she was too busy, maybe you weren't fully asleep, maybe your head was on top of your tooth and she couldn't reach it..... Basically anything I could think of!

I am telling you now that I have never felt so guilty!

It is Tuesday now and I am happy to say that all has been rectified in Tooth Fairy world.  Brooke went to bed with her tooth under her pillow (again) and this time we didn't forget.  Violet the Tooth Fairy also left a note explaining why she was so late! Of course she was very busy and the door got stuck!  Brooke was very happy with this explanation and I am happy that she hasn't given up on the Tooth Fairy. What a relief!

Love Sophie..x

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  1. Phew, Glad it got resolved. (I am keeping hold of the door got stuck reason in case of emergencies! )