Monday, 9 December 2013

Jillian Michaels Work Out Review - No More Trouble Zones

NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES was the 2nd Jillian Michaels DVD that I purchased and it is currently £7.54 from Amazon. Once I had been working out to Banish Fat Boost Metabolism for a good month I decided I needed to mix it up a little and I purchased this DVD. No More Trouble Zones requires an exercise mat but also a set of weights/dumbbells. I bought my first set of dumbbells for this workout which you can add or take away extra weights to. When you first start working out to this DVD the weight of your dumbbells will be very light (around 3lbs) and as you get better and progress you will find you can use heavier weights. This DVD goes at a good pace and is not too quick.  Jillian explains how to carry out each move at different intensities for every level of fitness and I find her little speeches motivational.  Don't be too put off by the music though as it is quite bland and in my opinion more like background noise to help you keep the pace really. Personally I prefer this when I am working out compared to more current dance tracks as sometimes these are not to everyone's taste and can actually put you off the exercises.

Again this DVD is split into seven circuits and you repeat each circuit twice just like Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. There is a 5 min warm up and a 5 min cool down.

Section 1 focuses on shoulders and quads including shoulder press with squats, back lunges and press outs.
Section 2 contains chest and ab exercises including chest press with sit ups, chest fly with leg raise and bicycle crunches and push ups.
Section 3 is biceps and glutes with dead lifts with hammer curl, static squats with bicep curls and side lunges.
Section 4 focuses on triceps and quads including tricep kickbacks whilst in chair pose, surrenders and crescent lunges. This section is quite difficult.
Section 5 is based on core and back and the moves are mostly carried out on the mat including double crunch, twisting plank, side toe tap and windscreen wipers.
Section 6 includes exercises for your stomach and glutes such as plank rows, superman, scissor kicks and hollow man.
Section 7 contains moves for your core and thighs and includes side planks, leg lifts and donkey kicks amongst others.

Personally I do like No More Trouble Zones, it's a good mid-week workout that will make your muscles ache but not tire you out too much.  I don't feel completely out of breath with this work out like I do with some others mainly due to the lack of cardio but I do enjoy the feeling of my muscles being used and worked hard so would definitely recommend you incorporate No More Trouble Zones into your weekly rotation of DVDs to help give you a well rounded workout and a fresh set of challenges!

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