Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poorly 3 Year Old! :(

So I know all you Yummy Mummies will sympathise with me as I was up all night last night with a poorly three year old. 

Woken in the middle of the night by my daughter shouting "Mummy I'm going to be sick!" I jump out of bed and find my bleary eyed way to her bedroom where she has indeed been sick...everywhere! I proceed to roll off her pyjamas whilst trying to comfort her and shout for my husband for back up!

My husband shows up and proceeds to stand behind me holding his nose and gagging - not helpful!  I have to instruct him to shower off our daughter while I accept the mission of bed cleaning.  Off they trot to the bathroom and I am left to clean the apocalypse left in the bed.  Three hours later we are all finally in bed asleep...

It's hard work as you probably already know, being a busy mum and with work in the morning the last thing you want is to have a sick child that you feel you have to ship off to nanny's house so you can get to your job.  And I have done just that, with a heavy heart and a feeling of guilt my daughter has gone to my Mum's house with the proviso that if she takes a turn for the worse I will collect her.  Should I have taken the day off work?  I don't know but I hope this is a happy compromise and all will be well. 

Now I am sitting at work questioning my own health, do I feel sick too or is it the mere three hours of sleep I had last night? Here's hoping no one else in my household gets sick -  keep your fingers crossed because if anyone does it will be me... ;-)

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