Monday, 23 September 2013

Laser Eye Surgery - My Experience With Optimax! Post-Surgery

Post Surgery:

After I left the Optimax surgery my eyes were quite sensitive and blurry it was almost as though I could see like I had my glasses on but my eyes had been white washed!  I couldn't see fine detail at this stage but I could see better than when I didn't have my glasses on before the surgery it was just very hazy.  We got in the car and I took some paracetamol as I had a slight headache (probably caused from all the stress and tension).  After about 15mins into our journey the anaesthetic must have worn off as my eyes started to sting and water a bit.  It felt a bit like I had been chopping onions, nothing terrible but uncomfortable.  

Once I got home I took shelter in my bedroom with the curtains closed.  My husband put some anaesthetic drops into my eyes as they were more painful now and I had a little rest while he collected the children from school (Optimax give you anaesthetic drops to use for 24hours if needed).  For the first night I had my husband apply the eye drops for me, there were  two different types (anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic) which had to be applied in a set order.  You apply both drops four times a day for a week then for another three days you apply just one bottle of drops four times a day. Optimax also provided me with two boxes of freshening eye drops called Refresh which you can use whenever you like (unbelievably these are actually cheaper from Optimax at £5 then anywhere else so its worth stocking up on these). During the course of the evening I got out of bed and sat in the living room with my husband, I felt fine and ate dinner.  We had the lights switched off but the TV was on and I could see it, be it a little blurry. My eyes were still light sensitive and I listened more than watched at this stage.

While you sleep you have to wear plastic eye shields every night for a week which make you look like a bug but although they look uncomfortable I slept perfectly well in them.  
When I woke up the day after surgery I opened my eyes and couldn't believe it I COULD SEE!!!! I had a check-up at the Optimax clinic that morning and when I got there I had a quick eye test and had my eyes checked over only to find I had better than 20:20 vision!  I couldn't believe it!
The following week I found my eyes were quite dry and I was using the refresh drops quite often but as I could now see without glasses for the first time in 18 years it was no compromise.  
It has now been three months since my surgery and my eyes feel fantastic! I have been for two more check ups and my eyes are still better than 20:20 which is a fantastic result!  I have now been dscharged from Optimax but they provide a lifetime guarantee so you can go back to them any time you like if you feel you need to. I hardly use the refresh eye drops any more and cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to be able to see without glasses I thank my lucky stars every day -  I am so pleased!! 

Please ask me any questions about my post as I am more than happy to share my experience.

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