Monday, 9 September 2013

Mmmmm....My Home Made Birthday Cakes! (Pizza)

Pizza Cake for Brooke's 6th Birthday:

Pizza Cake
So Brooke decided she would like a pizza party for her Birthday this year and a pizza cake to match! Again I exhausted Google and did as much research on pizza cakes as I could! :)

1) Using my super easy sponge recipe I made one large cake in a 23cm/9" tin.  Quick Tip: As I didn't need the cake until the following day I wrapped it tightly in cling-film which really keeps the sponge moist and fresh.
2) On the day I used white sugar paste icing and dyed it black using a gel food colouring. Once you have made your black icing roll it out into a thin strip slightly higher than the height of your sponge.  Using a bit of jam around the side of the sponge 'stick' the black icing to the side of your cake and roll slightly at the top to make your 'pan'.
3) To make the 'toppings' I used strawberry jam to make the pizza 'sauce' then grated white chocolate to make the 'cheese' and sprinkled it over the top of the jam. Quick Tip: You want to put the toppings on at the last minute as the edge of your sponge cake will be on show and open to the elements this will cause the sponge to harden faster than if it was covered with icing.
4) To make the 'toppings' I used coconut mushrooms sliced in half, tinned pineapple chunks from a tin cut in half and I made the 'pepperoni' slices out of sugar paste icing - To make the pepperoni shaped icing I simply added brown and red food colouring gel to a small amount of white sugar paste, kneaded and then chilled. I rolled out the icing on some non-stick baking paper and used a round cutter to cut out the circle shape. Quick Tip: If you want, add really tiny bits of black food colouring using a cocktail stick to give the pepperoni a slightly more realistic look.  

That's it! - a really easy and quick Pizza Cake! :)

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