Thursday, 26 September 2013

Jillian Michaels Work Out Review - Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is the first Jillian Michaels DVD I ever bought! It is a great starting place for anyone fairly new to exercise and also new to Jillian Michaels. There is no equipment required to follow this workout apart from an exercise mat and a TV and as it is currently only £6.92 from Amazon it is a total bargain.  For the same cost as one exercise class at the gym you can get unlimited workouts from this DVD!

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism contains only Cardio exercises and only one section of mat work which I quite like as you are not constantly scrambling around trying to get into different positions. Jillian is very motivational and also makes me laugh.  The music is nothing to write home about but to be honest you will be working so hard you probably won't even notice! The entire workout is broken up into 7 sections/circuits and you repeat the circuit twice in each section which keeps you from getting bored.  There is also a 5 minute warm up and cool down which I find quick and easy and doesn't take up too much of your time especially when you have finished and want to get on with the rest of your day/evening!

Section 1 includes a bit of kick boxing, side kicks, jabs etc. and basically gets you warm for the rest of the workout. 
Section 2 contains a lot of plyometrics which means jumping training so the moves include burpees, single leg jumos and 180 degree jumps.
Section 3 is mostly calisthenics intended to increase body strength and flexibility. The moves include butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks and standing crunches.
Section 4 is all mat work including, crunches, walking planks and mountain climbers which all target your core.
Section 5 is my favourite section and gives you a slight break by taking you back to kick boxing including back kicks, knee crunches, punches and swing kicks.
Section 6 I feel is actually the hardest section of them all containing more plyometrics.  The moves include mountain climbers, scissor kicks, squat jumps and running man.
Section 7 is the final circuit and is slower than 6 presumably to start cooling down your body.  The moves include jump twists, standing pikes, knee crunches and small jumps.

Although this may appear like a lot of exercises the DVD run time is around 50 minutes and it goes really quickly. Jillian also shows variations on every move for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels which you can attempt whichever you like depending on how you feel.  As I have mentioned in my previous post Keeping Fit, Active & Healthy I work out 3-4 times a week so I would rate myself as fairly fit, however Banish Fat Boost Metabolism really makes you sweat and gets your heart rate up, by the end of this work out I always look a bit red in the face and feel like I have really worked out hard!  If you find this work out hard please stick at it, if you do it several times a week you will find you improve massively and be really surprised with the results and changes in your shape.

There are over 200 reviews on Amazon for the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout so check them out if you want more reasons to buy this DVD!

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