Friday, 6 September 2013

Mmmmm....My Home Made Birthday Cakes! (Teddy Bear)

This is the first major Birthday cake project I have ever done, it was for my youngest daughter, Sasha's 2nd Birthday:

Teddy Bear Cake

I made this from a book I have called Gorgeous & Gruesome Cakes For Children by Debbie Brown - Sasha had a teddy bear themed party and I think this cake design is so cute! This did take quite a long time to make however, maybe three evenings of my time and some help from my patient engineer Hubby too! 

1) Cover the cake board with rolled out green sugar paste (I bought all the icing already coloured but you could dye your own).
2) Bake the square cake using two 15cm square cake tins.  Quick Tip: I used a sponge recipe from the book which is pink as you add red jelly, it also uses more flour than a usual sponge recipe to create a firm texture. Trim the crusts from the square cakes and slice a layer through each.  Stack the cakes on top of a square cake card using a butter-cream filling in between each layer then crumb coat. Lay more green sugar paste on top of the cake and make sure it is smooth then cover the sides of the cake in pink sugar paste.  You can use edible glue to secure the joints. Push three dowlling rods through the centre of the box making sure they just reach the top ready for the bear.
3) To create the teddy I baked two cakes in a pudding bowl then had my lovely husband carve the bowl shaped cakes into semi-spheres which I sandwiched together using butter-cream. Once the head was together I crumb coated it with more butter-cream and laid more sugar paste over it in pink.  Cover a small circular cake board with pink sugar paste in a dome shape - this is the bear's 'body' and place this on top of the dowling poles in the box.
4) Roll out cream and green sugar paste in different sized strips using a ruler and stick around the box to create the stripes.
5) Roll out the nose section out of more pink icing in a tear drop shape and then press down slightly and attach it to the front of the teddy's face (the round cake) add a small ball of pink icing to make his actual nose.  Once this is in place add the line around his head to make him look more like a teddy bear.  Make the ears out of small icing balls pushed down then roll out the arms into sausage shapes.  Lay the arms from the bears neck over the edges of the box.
4) To make the bow I use green coloured sugar paste.  Making a flat leaf shape first and then loop over - stick a ball of icing into the middle.  To make the tails of the ribbon cut two strips into some rolled out icing narrower at one end and cut a 'V' into the larger end. Apply the bow to the front of your bear. Roll two small eyes out of black icing for the bear's eyes.
5) I bought the sweets in similar colours to the cake from a local sweet shop and scattered them on the board to finish! 

Voila! :)

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