Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Girls Fancy Dress @ Asda

I was recently browsing the Asda George website (as you do) and couldn''t believe what a great selection of fancy dress they have for children and at such a great price too, all from £12.50!  

We have an awful lot of fancy dress in our house so much so that we now have a dedicated clothes rail for the fancy dress clothes.  We have a range of outfits from all over the place mostly from the Disney Store but also from shops such as Asda and Argos too and I must say the Asda options are very good quality and not to be sniffed at.  The only bug bear I have with the non Disney Store costumes is that they often have the princess' pictures sewn onto them and obviously as my girls want to pretend to be the actual princess I see this as a little silly as the princesses themselves do not walk around with their own faces on them (if you see what I mean)?!  

Check out my top 12 below: 

1. Merida
2. Girl Pirate
3. Belle

4. Red Riding Hood
5. Goldilocks
6. Alice In Wonderland

7. Ariel
8. Snow White
9. Cinderella

10. Dorothy
11. Rapunzel
12. Tinkerbell

For many more costumes click here. I have also been looking at the Boy's range of fancy dress from Asda which I will be posting soon.

Love Sophie...xxx


  1. Asda are really good for costumes....
    Aww I love the Girl Pirate one!! Too cute x

  2. My 3yo is in love with her pirate costume! x