Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cadbury World

Last weekend we went all the way to Manchester on a 4 1/2 hour trip to visit some friends which was absolutely great! I always love a good road trip and my two girls were quite happy watching DVD's and colouring in the back which is always good! 

On our way home the following day we decided to stop in at Cadbury World.  This is somewhere I have always wanted to visit (for obvious reasons) but have never had the chance to go to Birmingham where Bournville resides.  We probably spent about 3 hours there all in all.  It was quite busy when we arrived but our tour was booked for mid afternoon so  by this time the busyness had started to die down which I think was good.  

The girls loved the play area outside which you don't even have to pay for to use you can just park in the free car park and walk round the side to reach the play area.  After burning off some energy we then went inside and visited the largest Cadbury shop in the world where we were able to buy Cadbury's Misfits and every other Cadbury product under the sun - the girls had a blast! After this it was time for our tour of the factory.  This includes an introduction to the history of chocolate moving on to how Mr Cadbury managed to make his fortune etc. We then got to see the Dairy Milk bars being processed and packaged in the actual factory and also got to taste melted chocolate topped with a choice of sweets which was very indulgent indeed.  There is a little ride inside the factory perfect for the kids which takes you around a little cocoa bean world with mini talking cocoa beans - very sweet (excuse the pun).

Near the end of the tour there is an interactive area which my girls loved and we stayed there for quite a while as they happily played.  

While you walk around the factory there is a very strong smell of chocolate which is really good if you're a chocoholic like me but can get very sickly by the end especially during the warm areas of the factory.

All in all we really enjoyed our visit to Cadbury World and have only good things to say.  If you are passing I would definitely recommend you pay a visit! 



  1. I've never been there, it sounds lovely though! Chocolate heaven :) #MMWBH

    1. Well it took me 30 years ha! It was really good! X

  2. I have been a few times to cadburys world, its ace! Sounds like you had a lovely time :)

    1. We were all really pleasantly surprised with how good it was! :-) x